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    Founded in 2002, GeoServices Inc is your go-to source for radon testing and mitigation. State-certified and a member of the Better Business Bureau, we proudly serve homes and businesses in Cedar Rapids and all of eastern Iowa.

    Radon is a naturally occurring gas that emanates from the soil and groundwater. It is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, but presents a serious health risk to homeowners and their families. According to the EPA, one in fifteen buildings nationwide has elevated levels of radon gas. Every year, over 20,000 Americans die from radon-related lung cancer.

    Fortunately, the threat posed by indoor radon is fully preventable! Regularly testing for radon exposure and applying well-established venting techniques nullifies this health hazard. At GeoServices Inc, we utilize various testing methods to measure the level of radon in your home or business, and offer proven strategies for restoring your private or professional environment.

    Keep your home and family healthy – call GeoServices Inc today.

    Radon Testing Residential & Commercial

    GeoServices Inc provides an array of radon testing services. For multifamily residential and larger commercial and institutional buildings, we utilize charcoal canister testing or Alpha track long-term testing canisters. For real estate transactions and mitigation retesting, we utilize Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitoring equipment. In addition to testing for the presence of radon in breathable air, we also test for radon in water.

    Depending on the type of testing used, it may take between 48 hours and several weeks for the results to come in. Consult our expert technicians to better understand the difference between the available methods, and choose the one suitable for your environment.

    Radon Mitigation Residential & Commercial

    If testing shows an elevated presence of radon in your environment, there are ways of bringing it back down to an acceptable level. At GeoServices Inc, we offer a number of mitigation techniques, all highly effective and relatively inexpensive. Give us a call, and we'll help you decide which one works best for your home and your budget.

    The most popular methods involve active soil depressurization (ASD). A ventilation system draws soil gas out of the foundations, expelling it safely outside so it cannot accumulate inside the building.

    Other approaches include mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR). A continual airflow vents the gas outside, using the exhaust for heating purposes (particularly cost-efficient in cold climates).

    Finally, radon accumulated in water dissipates gradually over time, but very slowly. To make this process more efficient, activated charcoal systems (ACS) are available.


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    Very prompt and professional. Radon levels immediately dropped after the system was installed.

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    Great job, Great service, EXCELLENT work. Highly recommended.

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    The work was done in half the estimated time. Radon levels dropped by 2.5 points. Very clean work!

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    Dean answered our inquiries immediately. His work is professional and he is extremely conscientious about his work. Our house had some unique problems with the mitigation, and Dean pursued this diligently!!! Our levels dropped well within the accepted level. Very satisfied, and recommend Geo Services!!

    Catherine L. | Iowa City, IA

    Wonderful work quality and the project was completed quickly. The quote was less than expected and the final price was the same as the quote. Would definitely recommend Geo Services!

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    GEO Services, Dean, is prompt, reliable, efficient and effective. We called and he was able to come very soon, recommended a solution to the problem, and carry it out very shortly thereafter. His service did the trick just as he knew it would. He is reliable and honest, we recommend him highly.

    Kathryn W | Iowa City, IA